Guide for Reviewers

1. Content of Reviews

When reviewing a mathematical work, it is important to provide a concise and clear overview of its contents, ideally including some background information, the main findings, and the methods of proof. Reviews of papers in applied mathematics should focus on the mathematical aspects. It is important to note that reading the review should not serve as a replacement for reading the original paper; rather, it should assist the reader in determining whether they need to read the original work. Therefore, the main results of the paper should be briefly summarized in a non-technical manner.

As a reviewer, you are not responsible for verifying the accuracy or originality of the original work. However, if you do discover a significant error or significant overlap with other work, it should be noted in your review. If you find that the authors' abstract or another part of the paper's text provides the best description of its contents, you may choose to use this text as part of your review. In this case, please clearly label extensive direct quotes in your review.


2. Style and Format


Reviews should be written in English whenever possible. They should be written in a clear style and adhere to the standards of language usage chosen.


3. Citations

References to related work are always appreciated. When citing other documents, please try to be as specific and accurate as possible so that the citations can be identified unambiguously.


4. Editorial Review

Please be advised that we now handle a limited number of submissions per year and are unable to provide proofs. It is therefore crucial that the content of your manuscript is as precise as possible.


5. Categorization by Subject

The manuscripts you receive for review are typically categorized by the authors or our editorial team based on the Mathematics Subject Classification (MSC2020). The assigned MSC codes may not be appropriate or comprehensive, so we kindly request that you verify the suggested classification.


6. Key Terms

Please characterize the content of the publication with a set of keywords that offer a brief overview of the topics covered. If there are predetermined keywords, you may also utilize them if you find them suitable.


7. Correspondence with the Editorial Office

For any inquiries regarding your reviewing assignment, please contact Specifically, kindly notify us promptly and accurately of any changes to your contact information, email address, or areas of expertise to ensure that your reviewer profile remains current. When assigning reviews to you, we always strive to align with your areas of interest. However, if you prefer not to review a specific paper, please return it to us as soon as possible with a brief explanation and possibly a suggestion for another reviewer. Additionally, please reach out if you would like to receive fewer or more articles or books, or if you require a break for a certain period.


8. Delivery of Items for Review.

Books slated for review will be dispatched via regular mail, while articles will generally be provided in PDF format. Please understand that the latter may not always be feasible due to limited availability or copyright restrictions imposed by the publishers.


9. Reviewing Timeframe

Timely submission of reviews enhances their value. If feasible, kindly submit your review within eight weeks. If you require additional time for your review, please inform us accordingly.


10. Submission of Review

We kindly request that you submit your review electronically using the web submission form provided. Alternatively, you may also send your review via email to review or by mail to our postal address.


11. Legal Matters

The reviewing process for the Journal of Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications is governed by the following legal agreement.


12. Copyright

The reviewer agrees that the reviews provided will be published online on JDMA Open.


13. Personal Data

The reviewer's personal information (email address and areas of expertise; postal address or banking details only if necessary) will be stored and processed electronically solely for the purpose of fulfilling this agreement, for reimbursement of expenses, for generating statistics (review history and preferences), and for communication with and support of reviewers.


14. Electronic Document Usage Limitations

The e-books and articles provided to you in electronic format are only permitted for review purposes; specifically, legal restrictions prohibit the distribution of these documents. Depending on the terms and conditions set by the publishers, the review copy may need to be removed after the review has been submitted. For more detailed information, please refer to the cover page of the respective article.


15. Reviewer Bulletin

To keep our reviewers informed about the latest developments at JDMA, we send out a newsletter approximately twice a year. You can subscribe to the newsletter in your Reviewer Profile.