How long the review process of the manuscripts would take to be completed?

It usually takes less than 4 months from the date of submission.

How could an author submit a manuscript for publication in JDMA?

Authors should register themselves as an author using our online submission link on the journal website jdma.sru.ac.ir. After receiving the username and password via e-mail, the authors could sign in and enter their paper information to submit their manuscript.

How can the author resubmit a revised version of her/his manuscript?

Sending the revised version of the manuscript through e-mail is not accepted in JDMA. Resubmitting the manuscripts should be done through the JDMA’s online submission system. The revised manuscript should be sent via the same ID as the original one.

Where can an author find the reviewers’ comments?

The reviewers’ comments will be sent to the author through the JDMA’s online system. Entering the User Name and Password, the author can access the comments on his/her personal page at jdma.sru.ac.ir. The corrected manuscript should be uploaded along with the mail entitled “Response to reviewer”.

Online Manuscript inquiries?

If you have questions on the status of your paper and need to trace your paper process, or have questions regarding an ongoing subscription, you can trace it through the online manuscript tracking by entering your Username and Password and trace it in your Account .